Being an information platform that promotes in-depth travel, Next Journey strives to provide travel information that includes cultures, ecology, family and food. For our very first tasting tour, we brought our readers a very local yet unique snack – egg tart. Our team tried out more than 200 egg tarts throughout Hong Kong and collected data from each of them. Based on their ingredients, sizes, shapes locations and baking schedules, we compiled the most comprehensive egg tart database ever in Hong Kong. Alongside with the map, you can definitely start your own egg tart journey and see if your favorite one is the same as our editor’s pick!

Food tells a lot about the culture of a place. In Hong Kong, you can find a large variety of snacks/street snacks which are unique to this city due to its special background. Among all, egg tart is one of the local’s favorites. With its fresh-from-the-oven egg custard filling and the crust, it was ranked #16 in the 2011 CNNGo’s World’s 50 Best Food. It is not just the local’s everyday snack, but it also becomes a must try for the tourists!

Egg tarts are usually served hot, preferably freshly baked. It is disparate from the way that the British eats their cold custard pie. Actually, egg tart borrowed the concept of making the traditional Cantonese dessert, steamed egg pudding – instead of baking the egg pudding in a bowl, it bakes in a pie crust. With a Western dessert cooked in an Eastern way, egg tart manages to keep the Western origin alongside with its Eastern cooking culture.

To satisfy the taste buds of a demanding crowd, egg filling is no longer the only option. Green tea, milk, chocolate, cheese and egg white tarts are the new available. Some bakers even put edible bird nests and gold flakes in the filling and market them as deluxe treats! Despite all the variations of the filling, the egg tarts in shortcrust pastry and puff pastry are still the most popular among all.

Egg tart is an old fashion snack but it never goes outdated. It grows and changes with Hong Kong people for the last 80 years. It signifies its importance in Hong Kong food history, which is not a surprise that local calls egg tart a signature snack!

*All the statistical findings are based on random surveys which held within the last six months